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    30 Day Mental Wellness Challenge

    May is Mental Health Awareness month! In honor of this month, I created a 30 day challenge to improve our mental wellness. Each day consists of participating in a mentally healthy activity. 

    Instructions: over the next 30 days, do each activity listed. At the end of the 30 days, pick an activity that you can commit to doing monthly.

    Day 1: Do a crossword puzzle.

    Day 2: Don’t watch any TV or News.

    Day 3: Try a guided meditation.

    Day 4: Write a gratitude list.

    Day 5: Try a new type of exercise.

    Day 6: Take a break from social media.

    Day 7: Write 3 positive self-affirmations.

    Day 8: Create a motivating playlist!

    Day 9: Complete a creative writing prompt.

    Day 10: Take a walk.

    Day 11: Eat one or all of your meals outdoors.

    Day 12: Journal your feelings.

    Day 13: Read for FUN! (Not a blog, or self-help, or news article. Try a fiction novel to expand your creative mind!)

    Day 14: Put on music & just dance!

    Day 15: Send a thank you note or email to someone you care about who has shown you support.

    Day 16: Smile just because you can.

    Day 17: Do something that makes you laugh.

    Day 18: Start your day with an inspirational quote.

    Day 19: Avoid sugar or caffeine.

    Day 20: Avoid using devices 2 hours prior to bedtime.

    Day 21: Write a mission statement for your life.

    Day 22: Swap 30 minutes of TV for 30 minutes of exercise.

    Day 23: Do an outdoor activity.

    Day 24: Color, paint, or try a new recipe that you’ve pinned and never made!

    Day 25: Plan a date with family or friends.

    Day 26: Write a poem or song lyrics.

    Day 27: Don’t participate in gossip.

    Day 28: Set a healthy boundary.

    Day 29: Learn/research something new.

    Day 30: Practice a yoga pose.

    **For an extra challenge: pick an activity that you can incorporate into your life weekly AND one you can practice daily!

    Challenge accepted! Let’s get well together!

    -Nicole at WEC