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    Getting well couldn’t be any eaiser!

    Our Telehealth Services

    We offer the following services via a HIPAA secure Telehealth platform.


    Our Telehealth counseling services include Individual, Couples & Family Counseling.  Schedule your complimentary consultation today!


    We facilitate Guided Meditation & Mental Wellness Yoga virtually!  Say goodbye to group classes & fitness apps, and hello to live, individualized mindfulness!

    Book Club

    We offer a complimentary Book Club each month to enhance your therapy process, provide support, & offer connection with others.

    Is Telehealth Right For You?

    Telehealth offers ease and convenience, providing an opportunity for you to easily access therapy and wellness services without any hassles!

    Do any of these sound like you?

    • You need support, but don’t have the time to commute to an in-person appointment.
    • You prefer to be in your safe, comfortable space while processing emotions.
    • You live in a rural area with limited access to in-person services.
    • You have transportation limitations that prevent you from being able to make in-person appointments.
    • Or you just prefer to do things virtually!

    Whatever your personal reason, Women Empowerment Counseling makes the Telehealth process simple and hassle-free!

    Below are real-life examples of how our clients have benefited from Telehealth with us:

    • A new mom rocks her newborn to sleep in the baby’s room where baby & mom feel most comfortable and secure.
    • A grieving daughter processes the loss of her mom while going through her “memory box” as she sits in her bed in her comfy pajamas.
    • An anxious woman, who combats obsessive-compulsive tendencies within her home, walks through her environment with her counselor to create a behavioral modification plan to desensitize to environmental triggers.
    • A teenage girl, who struggles with depression and often isolates in her room, is able to participate in therapy, who otherwise would have avoided attending sessions.
    • A busy working mom whose schedule is packed, so she decides to use her lunch break for self-care during her work day.
    • Co-parents who live separate, but want to collaborate for their child, are both able to attend session separately from their location of choice.
    • A mom and her adult daughters, who don’t live within the same local area, are able to each join session separately from their homes, where they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to access therapy.

    What’s stopping you from getting well today?

    Manage Appointments Online

    You can conveniently view real-time counselor availability & schedule an appointment online!

    You will also be given access to your own Client Portal where you can securely message us and manage your appointments online. 

    Need to reschedule? No worries! You can simply do so with the click of a button!

    No Paperwork Hassles

    Completing intake forms couldn’t be easier! All intake forms will be completed in your HIPAA secure Client Portal.

    You can also securely upload documents that you may want your counselor to review in preparation for your scheduled session. 

    Availability & Access

    Telehealth can enhance your therapeutic process and fit into your schedule.

    Super busy schedule? No worries! We offer evening & weekend appointments, or you can even schedule a session during your lunch break. 

    Whatever your day entails, we’ve got you covered!

    We make accessing Telehealth super easy & convenient!

    Benefits of Telehealth

    Telehealth doesn’t just offer convenience & comfort for our clients, but expands the options of therapy techniques we can implement with you in real-time, making therapy more effective, such as:

    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
    • Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP)
    • Behavior Modification
    • Mindfulness
    • Emotional Regulation Skills
    • Stress Management

    Our Telehealth platform gives the therapist more insight, allowing the opportunity to be in your environment with you.

    This is an important factor when working through certain issues, such as anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, fear, disordered eating & nutritional needs, relapse prevention, managing trauma or substance use triggers, trauma recovery, and more.

    Getting Well Together!

    Take back control of your life!

    Get started on your journey toward healing in 3 simple steps!

    Have Questions? Contact Us!

    There are many ways to contact us! Pick whichever you’re most comfortable with & contact us today!

    We offer a complimentary consultation.