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    A Tailored Approach to Mental Wellness

    As a private pay client, you have the luxury of receiving a customized therapeutic approach tailored to your goals, strengths, & needs.

    Those who have insurance benefits are invited to utilize their OON benefits. We offer Package Rates and accept HSA & FSA card payments, too! See below for more information.

    Tailored Therapeutic Approach

    As a private-pay client,  you and your counselor can create a treatment plan tailored to you without worrying about insurance limiting the treatment you receive.  You will receive quality, treatment-focused care.

    Our focus is to provide you with the best quality care, and as a private pay client without treatment limitations, the focus is solely on YOU!

    We are skilled in a variation of counseling techniques and modalities, and don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We tailor our therapeutic approach to meet your individual goals, strengths, and needs. 

    Freedom of Choice

    We believe that you and your counselor should be the ones making decisions about your treatment; not a third-party payor.

    With the freedom you receive as a private pay client, you and your counselor will work closely together to decide the best treatment for you. No limitations attached!

    Most health insurance companies limit your care with requirements. This can include limiting the amount of sessions you’re allowed to receive, only covering treatment for certain diagnoses (which also obligates the clinician to diagnose you in the first session!), and a declination in coverage for certain treatment modalities.

    No Labels Needed

    Did you know that insurance companies require counselors to diagnose you on the first session in order for them to provide coverage?

    Holistic care includes a decreased need to diagnose.  We view “diagnoses”, such as anxiety, depression, or mood disorders, as a ‘symptom of’ a greater problem rather than the problem itself.  We focus on exploring, identifying, and resolving root causes to prevent the same issues from returning in your life in another form.

    Without the obligations of diagnosing you, we are able to focus solely on who you are as an individual human-being in life, not just the symptoms or challenges you are experiencing.

    The truth is diagnoses don’t actually help you! Diagnoses can be misleading and often create self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Our goal at WEC is to empower you to overcome your challenges, allow you to become the best version of yourself, and find complete wellness and happiness in your life.

    Benefits of Private Pay Therapy

    No Insurance Hassles!

    Being free of limitations placed by the insurance companies, you and your counselor have the freedom to customize your therapy approach to best meet your individual goals, strengths, and needs. Learn more about the individual and clinical benefits of being a private pay client here. #freedom

    We offer a Complimentary Consultation!

    Rates & Packages

    We offer Package Rates, an OON benefits option, HSA/FSA card payments, and a Friends & Family Program. Learn more below.

    Cost of Services

    Therapy Services

    *Please note ART sessions are on average 75 minutes in duration. All therapy services require an Initial Assessment.*

    Mindfulness Services

    Book Club

    • Complimentary (sign-up required)

    Qualified Supervision & Professional Services

    • Qualified Supervision Session: $75
    • Business Coaching & Professional Mentorship: connect with us to learn more!
    • Speaking Engagements: connect with us to learn more!

    Documentation Services

    • FMLA / ESA / School Letters / Other: $50

    Package Rates

    Full payment for Package Rates is required upfront. Sessions are non-refundable and cannot transfer.  Sessions do not expire. Package Rates do not include the Initial Assessment, and are offered for the services listed below. Valid for private-pay clients only.

    Individual Counseling
    • 4 sessions: $520 (Save $20!)
    • 8 sessions: $1040 (Save $40!)

    Mental Wellness Yoga / Guided Meditation

    • 3 sessions: $345 (Save $15!)
    • 6 sessions: $690 (Save $30!)

    Out-of-Network (OON) Benefits

    OON is a likable alternative to private-pay for those who have insurance benefits.

    We provide you with a super bill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement, conveniently through your Client Portal.

    Contact your insurance provider today to learn more about your OON benefits! Visit our FAQ page to learn more.


    All clients are required to keep a debit / credit card on file.  Services will be electronically charged automatically on the day of service.  

    All clients have the ability to utilize multiple payment options, including HSA and FSA cards.  Adding, removing, or updating your card information is quick and easy in your Client Portal.  You also have the option to choose which payment method is your preferred “default” form of payment for AutoPay processing.

    All billing documents are conveniently located in your Client Portal for easy access, making submitting to OON even easier!

    • For Clients: All payments and billing changes / updates can be made through our secure, HIPAA compliant Client Portal.
    • For Interns: Please connect with your QS directly.

    Cancellation Policy

    Your scheduled appointments are important to us! Your appointment time is reserved individually for you, therefore we require 48 hour notice for all cancellations or you may be charged a cancellation fee. Please review our cancellation policy for more information.

    Any Other Questions

    Please contact us for any additional questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Friends & Family Program

    Give $10, Get $10!

    Are you a current client who has a friend or family member who is looking to start their healing journey? Refer them to WEC and you’ll both receive $10 off your next session!

    Here’s How it Works

    Simply instruct them to list your name on their intake form under “Referred By” and they’ll receive $10 off their first session!

    Once they attend their first appointment, you’ll receive $10 off your next session as a ‘Thank You‘ for sending them our way!

    Getting Well Together!