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    Rates & Packages

    Cost of Services

    • Initial Assessment: $100 per assessment
    • Individual Therapy/CBT: $100 per session
    • Family/Couples Therapy/Group: $100 per session
    • Recovery Life Coaching: $100 per session
    • Accelerated Resolution Therapy: $200 per session
    • Qualified Supervisor: $60 per session
    • FMLA Forms/Other Documentation Request(s): $50

    *Please note, sessions are 50 minutes in duration with the exception of ART. ART sessions on average are 60-90 minutes.

    Package Rates

    Full payment for package rates is required upfront. Package rates are not valid on ART or Group sessions. Sessions don’t expire. Package rates are only valid for self-pay clients.

    4 Sessions: $20 discount! (Total $380)

    8 Sessions: $40 discount! (Total $760)

    Recovery Life Coach packages are available to include weekly sessions plus contact throughout the week for additional support. Contact us to learn more.

    Out-of-Network (OON) Benefits

    If your individual health insurance plan offers out-of-network benefits, Women Empowerment Counseling will assist you with accessing OON health insurance billing. With OON, you pay Women Empowerment Counseling directly & then your insurance company reimburses you.

    Contact your insurance provider today to find out if you have OON mental health benefits. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.


    Payment is due prior to the service being provided. All clients are required to keep a debit or credit card on file.

    For Clients: All payments can be made through our secure, HIPAA compliant Client Portal.

    For Interns: Please submit all payments through our PayPal profile.

    Cancellation Policy

    Your scheduled appointments are important to us! Your appointment time is reserved individually for you, therefore we require 48 hour notice for all cancellations or you may be charged a cancellation fee. Please review our cancellation policy for more information.

    Any Other Questions

    Please contact us for any additional questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Quality, Treatment-Focused Care

    Women Empowerment Counseling utilizes a variety of treatment modalities customized to meet your individual needs. This means you and your counselor can create a treatment plan tailored to you without worrying about insurance coverage being denied or limiting the treatment you receive.

    Our focus at WEC is to provide you with the best quality care. As a self-pay client without treatment limitations, the focus is solely on YOU!

    No Limitiations

    Most health insurance companies limit your care with requirements. This can include limiting the amount of sessions you’re allowed to receive, only covering treatment for certain diagnoses (which also obligates the clinician to diagnose you in the first session!), and only covering certain types of treatment modalities.

    As a private pay client, you and your counselor will work closely together to decide the best treatment for you. No strings attached.

    No Labels Needed

    Women Empowerment Counseling utilizes a holistic approach in our therapeutic approach. This includes decreasing the need to diagnose. It’s our approach to learn about who you are as an individual human in life and rule out potential contributing factors that can easily look like a mental health diagnosis.

    The truth is diagnoses don’t actually help you! For example, if you’re presenting with anxiety in a session, the anxiety will be addressed regardless of the specific anxiety disorder.

    Diagnoses can be misleading and cause people to become self-defeating. Our goal at WEC is to EMPOWER you to overcome your challenges and get to a place of complete wellness.

    No Insurance Hassles!

    Learn more about the individual and clinical benefits of being a private pay client. Not only does it improve quality of care by removing all limitations put in place by the insurance companies, but it allows you and your counselor to make the best treatment decisions for you!