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    Quality client care starts with quality clinical supervision and the professional development of our Registered Interns! 

    Women Empowerment Counseling offers Qualified Supervision to Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns in the state of Florida. We invite you to learn more about our Methodology, Supervision Model, and the benefits to private supervision outlined below.  Check out our Resources for Interns with helpful links for graduate students and Registered Interns.

    Quality Supervision

    In a private-pay supervision setting, you have the luxury to choose your supervisor based on their qualifications and supervision style (unlike an agency or employment setting where your supervisor is selected for you or your options are very limited). 

    Our mission statement is, “Quality client care starts with quality clinical supervision & the professional development of our Registered Interns!” 

    At Women Empowerment Counseling, we are passionate about professional development and will commit to see you through your intern journey toward licensure!

    Professional Networking

    Group supervision is our preferred methodology as we believe in the power of groups! In a group setting, the intern has the opportunity to gain insight and perspective through the exposure of peer experiences, allowing for feedback and thoughtful discussion. 

    Another key advantage to our Group Supervision approach is that our private group allows you to network within our local community of mental health professionals! 

    Some common outcomes of Group Supervision for our interns include:

    • Internal job opportunities
    • Internal client referrals
    • Expansion of client resources
    • Expansion of the interns’ knowledge through peer experiences
    • Opportunities for professional relationships within the intern group and through your peer’s professional connections
    Commitment & Support

    What sets us apart from other Qualified Supervisors is our commitment to you and the support we provide you on your professional journey!

    Not only do we provide weekly scheduled supervision, but as also offer ongoing individual support throughout the week as needed.  We are more than “a once a week meeting”; and offer fluidity, connection, and support in between our scheduled supervision sessions.

    When you receive supervision in an agency or employment setting, staff turnover is very common, which results in poor continuity and will cause a delay in your licensure.

    Objective & Individualized

    Just as we don’t believe in a “one size fits all approach” with our clients, we don’t subscribe to that belief with our interns, either!

    We utilize an Integrative Supervision Model that is tailored to the needs, skills, and development of the Registered Intern, with a focus on a strengths-based approach to build upon your natural abilities to enhance your counseling skills.

    Unlike agency or employment settings whose focus and feedback is often on the best interests of the agency/employer, our focus is solely on your professional development and aiding you in providing the best quality of care to your clients!

    Ask yourself how comfortable you may feel sharing your vulnerabilities or anxieties as a new counselor in the field with your site supervisor, the person who will be completing job evaluations?  Receiving supervision on-site can lead to a conflict of interest and you may receive biased supervision.

    Timeliness & Efficiency

    From the initial contact to our Supervision Consultation and over the course of your professional intern journey, Women Empowerment Counseling provides you with timely and efficient follow through!

    There are no strings attached, unlike agencies or employers who require you to sign a contract to remain with them post-licensure in order to receive “free supervision”.

    Whatever your life circumstance, if you’re no longer able continue supervision with us, we will ensure the Board required Verification of Supervision form is submitted in a timely and efficient manner. A delay in documentation from your Qualified Supervisor WILL delay your licensure.

    Our Approach to Qualified Supervision

    In supervision, we will address clinical concerns related to your clients, including but not limited to, treatment planning, methods of therapeutic interventions, and diagnosis and pathology while also addressing common professional concerns including but not limited to compassion fatigue, countertransference, ethics and boundaries, and more!

    We invite you to read about the benefits of private supervision with Women Empowerment Counseling!

    We offer a complimentary virtual supervision consultation.  If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, click the button below to submit a Contact Form or email us at [email protected].

    To learn more about our supervision fees, click here.

    Our Qualified Supervisors

    Nicole Delli Paoli, MA, LMHC, MCAP, QS

    Nicole Delli Paoli, MA, LMHC, MCAP, QS

    What our interns have to say:

    “Nicole is an excellent supervisor and provides quality supervision to her registered interns. She is compassionate, holds the highest ethical boundaries, extremely knowledgeable, and stays updated on current trends and research. Nicole was my manager for a few years and has been by supervisor for pre-licensure for about a year now. Before I was not confident with my clinical skills and didn’t know what therapy entails. Nicole is passionate about professional development and helped me transform to be the best version of myself, not just as a clinician but also as a human being – as I know she does with clients too. I trust Nicole completely as my qualified supervisor and recommend her as a therapist as well.”


    “I have to say that the owner of this practice is an amazing clinician. The way she treats everyone is outstanding! She has an extraordinary set of skills that are essential to the mental health field and her knowledge of mental health is A+. I highly recommend seeking treatment here.”