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    Individual Counseling

    We offer in-person and Telehealth sessions.  Schedule your appointment online today!

    Individual Counseling is an effective way to address common issues, such as, anxiety, depression, mood dysregulation, grief & loss, anger / stress management, trauma, disordered eating, women’s mental health, adjusting to life or career changes, ADHD, and more.

    Our 3 Tiered Approach

    1. Learn coping skills and receive emotional support to help you cope with the symptoms you are experiencing right now.

    2. Explore, identify, & heal root causes and unresolved issues.

    3. Receive action steps to work on independently to enhance your therapeutic process.

    We customize our therapeutic interventions to meet your unique goals, strengths, & needs!

    Our goal is to help you overcome the barriers in your life that prevent you from being the best version of yourself. We are able to achieve this goal because of our individualized, holistic approach.

    We use an Integrative modality to therapy, meaning we don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” approach! 

    We are skilled in a variation of therapeutic interventions and we individualize them to meet your unique goals, strengths, and needs, including:

    Your journey starts here.

    Getting Well Together!

    We offer a complimentary consultation!

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