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    Women. Empowerment. Counseling.

    Women: special focus on the unique mental health & wellness needs of women’s [and teen girls], which is directly linked to our physical and spiritual health.

    Empowerment: defined as, “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life”.  We support, guide, inspire, motivate, and educate [spread knowledge & raise awareness] to help you become the best version of yourself.

    Counseling: explore, identify, & resolve [heal] emotions, triggers, and root causes [complex trauma, dysfunctional childhood family dynamics].

    Women-Focused Mental Health & Wellness

    Women are unique and have different life experiences & mental health needs than men. Our goal and focus is to empower women and teenage girls to overcome these challenges in their life to achieve wellness and happiness! 

    We face challenges that are specific to being a woman, such as:

    • Diagnoses more common to women, including depression and anxiety.
    • Struggles more common to women, including self-esteem, body image, and navigating boundaries & healthy relationships.
    • Teenage girls dealing with issues related to maturing, menstrual cycles, hormonal & emotional developments, navigating sexuality & friendships, and managing school stressors.
    • Navigating fertility challenges & pregnancy stressors.
    • Managing post-partum depression or anxiety.
    • Coping with new mom life, including balancing career choices & dissolving the very real and common emotion of “mom guilt”.
    • Managing medical conditions more specific to women, such as breast cancer or menstrual cycle woes.
    • Managing hormonal imbalances due to women-focused conditions, such as PMDD & Menopause.
    • Women-specific traumas, such as miscarriages, domestic violence or abuse
    • Navigating societal issues, such as discrimination, objectification, sexual harassment, & body image perceptions

    Getting Well Together

    You are moms, daughters, sisters, wives, students, career-women, teenage girls, women in recovery, fill in the blank, who have lost their way. 

    The reality is you have numerous roles and responsibilities in your life. You are often the matriarch and leader of those multiple roles you fulfill, whether it’s leading a team of employees or being the super mom you are to your kids; it all starts with you.

    As a woman, you have unique life experiences and face unique challenges. If you’re struggling, chances are those around you are also affected, including your family and romantic relationships.

    We are here to support, motivate, and empower you to overcome those challenges, find joy, and become the best version of yourself.  We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation & start taking back control of your life today!

    We are a team of dedicated women who are passionate about empowering other women to become the best version of themselves! #empoweredwomenempowerwomen

    We offer a complimentary consultation!