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    Holistic Mental Health & Wellness

    Do you feel stuck in your life and are unsure of where to start?

    Have you been to therapy before and feel like you didn’t receive the results you were hoping for?

    Have you tried alternative treatments such as psychiatric medications or TMS and are still struggling?

    Then you’ve come to the right place! 

    Holistic Philosophy

    Holistic care is a philosophy characterized by an understanding that all the parts of us are intimately interconnected. 

    At WEC, we view you as an entire person, and not just the symptoms or problems that you are experiencing.

    Our holistic approach includes a focus on:

    • Brain Health
    • Lifestyle Factors 
    • Diet & Nutrition 
    • Spirituality & Internal Connection
    • Social Support 
    • Physical Health & Exercise
    • Relationships & Boundaries
    • Technology & Content Consumption
    • Childhood Family Dysfunction
    • Redefining Trauma / Complex Trauma
    • Societal Pressures & Norms

    No Labels Needed

    Holistic care also includes a decreased need to diagnose. We view “diagnoses”, such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, or substance use as a symptom of a greater problem rather than the problem itself.  

    We explore, identify, and resolve root causes to prevent the same problem from manifesting in your life in a different form.

    Can you relate?

    For example, if you report mild depressive symptoms, it’s important to rule out any potential medical issues, such as poor thyroid function, low Vitamin D, hormonal imbalances. We encourage utilizing natural ways to improve depressive symptoms, like exercise and nutrition, combined with individual behavioral therapy, with a focus on brain health and trauma recovery.

    You can find mental wellness and experience joy in life; we are here to help you achieve that!

    Let’s Get Well Together!

    Our 3 Tiered Approach

    • Learn coping skills & receive emotional support to help you cope with what you’re experiencing right now.
    • Explore, identify, and heal root causes or unresolved issues.
    • Receive action steps to work on independently to enhance your therapeutic process.

    Coping Skills

    It’s important to assess the ways in which you’ve coped throughout your life and replace ineffective or unhealthy coping those with effective, healthy coping.  

    We help you explore and identify individualized coping skills that work for you!

    This is an important step in the therapeutic process because therapy is about emotional work.  You’ll need to have healthy ways of managing emotions as you work through root causes.

    Root Causes

    Oftentimes, root causes aren’t explored and resolved by other practices. This is key! If you don’t explore and resolve the root of the problem, then it will continue to return in your life in different forms. 

    We guide you through this process to help you explore and identify what those unresolved issues are, and then work as a team to heal them.


    We will give you steps to work on independently between sessions that will enhance your therapeutic process.  The work you do in between sessions is where the change happens.

    We guide you through your healing journey each step of the way!

    Collaborative Approach

    We work together as a team! You are the expert on your life; we are the guide on your journey. 

    Each session is tailored to your goals, strengths, and needs. We customize our therapeutic interventions to you

    Therapy Modalities

    We use an Integrative modality to therapy, meaning no one-size-fits-all approach! 

    We are skilled in a variation of therapeutic interventions and we individualize them to meet your unique goals, strengths, and needs.

    Let’s Get Well Together! 

    We offer a complimentary consultation!