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    What is mindfulness?

    According to the Oxford dictionary, mindfulness is defined as, “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.”

    In short, it helps you learn how to be aware of and focus on the present moment.

    How does mindfulness improve mental + emotional health?

    Many of our emotional challenges stem from our internal thoughts about a situation, others, or ourselves. Mindfulness practices, like meditation, when practiced consistently over time, teaches your brain how to control your thoughts.

    When feeling anxious, worried, fearful, overwhelmed— you are living in the future. When feeling ashamed, guilty, grieving, substance use or trauma triggers present— you are living in the past.

    Mindfulness practices teach you how to redirect your mind to the present moment and creates a space for you to find gratitude for that present moment.

    Mindfulness techniques, like yoga and meditation, are evidence-based therapeutic interventions that are proven to boost physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness when practiced regularly.

    • Learn how to be present by focusing on your mind-body connection.
    • Learn how to set your intention for the day, and practice redirecting your thoughts back to that intention to help you stay grounded throughout your day.
    • Learn how to connect within; recognize thought patterns or unresolved issues.
    • Learn how to practice relaxation techniques to aid in stress-reduction.

    Examples of Mindfulness Practices

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    Why Practice Mindfulness?

    In today’s society of increased technology use and instant gratification, people are often living on auto pilot and have become distracted from their inner selves.

    • Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling on your device or social media with no intention?
    • Have you realized that you’ve driven from Point A to Point B without a recollection of how you got there? 
    • Do you catch yourself binge watching TV? 
    • Have you noticed that you have a tendency to immediately check your phone and or respond to notifications once you receive them? 
    • Even worse, do you have notifications turned on?!…

    With mindfulness practices, you learn how to live and enjoy quality of life by being aware of the present moment. All we have is right now. Yesterday is over; we can’t go back. Tomorrow isn’t here yet, and we can’t control the future.

    Your life is flying by. Don’t miss it. Participate in it. Be present.

    Let’s Get Zen Together.