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    Genetics is Not a Life & Death Sentence!

    We’ve all heard the terms “hereditary” and “genetic predisposition” by doctors and heard the controversial discussions about Nature vs. Nurture. Often, the assumption is, “There’s nothing I can do about this, it’s genetic.” I have worked with many clients to who present with anxiety, fear, and even defeat about their health’s future due to their reported genetics. Well, I’m here to break those misconceptions & educate on this topic to help decrease worry & defeat and help you take back control of your life! 

    Yes, we have genes that we inherit, which can include medical or mental health conditions (nature) and yes, the environment you are in and your lifestyle choices impact your health outcomes (nurture). But the reality is our health outcomes are a combination of both!

    As Dr. Daniel Amen, psychiatrist and neuroscientist, explains, “Your genes load the gun, but it’s your behavior and environment that pull the trigger.” This means that you can use your known genetics as a wake-up call to change your environment and or lifestyle choices to improve your health. Dr. Amen continues to say, “Engaging in a brain healthy lifestyle can help ‘turn off’ or ‘turn down’ the genes that make you more vulnerable to mental health issues.”

    To add this positive news, when you make healthy lifestyle choices and participate in brain health, you then reduce the risk and have the power to alter the genes of your children, grandchildren, and future familial generations! Making healthy lifestyle choices isn’t just about you– it’s about the future of your family, too!

    Watch Dr. Daniel Amen explain brain health in this short clip, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.”

    Here are some ways to improve your brain health:

    ·        Avoid drugs & alcohol, even social drinking

    ·        Get quality sleep

    ·        Nourish your body & brain through a healthy, natural whole food diet

    ·        Incorporate exercise & daily movement into your life

    ·        Challenge negative thinking

    ·        Surround yourself with positive, supportive people

    ·        Engage in healthy relationships & positive social interactions

    Need help with any of the above tips or lack the support you need to make the lifestyle changes to get healthy, schedule an initial consultation today to start your wellness journey!

    Let’s Get Well Together!