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    Women Entrepreneur Circle

    We are a circle of Women Therapist Entrepreneurs who support each other’s growth.

    Let’s grow together.

    Join the Circle!


    WEC² is the only network that offers all 4 benefits in 1!

    • Business Mindset Coaching
    • Professional Networking
    • Professional Development
    • Therapist Support

    WEC² is designed for:

    • Therapists with a goal of opening a private practice
    • 1099 Contractors looking to increase their caseload who may not have support as a contractor
    • Solo practices looking to scale into a group practice
    • Group practices looking to scale & expand their services
    • Therapists who want to improve their skills, connect with others, collaborate, network, receive support
    • Telehealth therapists who don’t have in-office support

    Let’s Grow Together!

    What You Receive

    WEC² gives you access to other Women Therapist Entrepreneurs.  It offers Business Mindset Coaching, Professional Networking, Professional Development, & Therapist Support. We are the only network that offers all four benefits in one!

    Each month there will be two live, open-forum, virtual coaching sessions.  Each member has the option to attend one or both coaching sessions.

    Members will also have access to an online discussion board platform where they can submit questions, collaborate and network with others, and receive resources and support throughout the month directly from their coach and peers.

    How it Works

    WEC² is a monthly subscription-based service.  Payment is due on the 28th for participation in the upcoming month. (e.g. due the 28th of July for membership participation in August)

    There is no commitment required or binding contract.  This is a private-pay service that members can utilize as they need it, on a month-to-month basis.

    Invest in Yourself

    WEC² is only $175 per month!  We believe in offering high value at fair prices, making our service accessible. And your membership is tax deductible!

    Payments are made via Zelle and are due by the 28th of each month for the following month’s subscription.

    *Discounted rates available for Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns*

    What Makes Us Different

    You can find business coaching and therapist networking groups all over– some free on Facebook, others with a high price tag.  But what makes WEC² squared different is that you receive all 4 benefits in 1!

    • our business coaching is specific to therapists
    • our network is specific to women entrepreneurs offering support from those who can relate to you
    • online access to your coach and peers
    • live direct coaching sessions with your coach, not a member from their team or a recorded video
    Who Can Join

    We are designed to support other Women Therapist Entrepreneurs in the state of Florida.  Both Licensed Counselors and Registered Interns are welcome!  You can be a solo or group practice owner, or a 1099 Contractor.  

    Limiting to the state of Florida makes our coaching specific to your needs, as our business is based out of Florida and the licenses we hold are in Florida. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If your question isn’t answered here, please submit an inquiry directly to [email protected].

    Join the Circle

    Business Mindset Coaching

    • navigate the balance of being an empathetic therapist with being a business owner
    • explore marketing strategies
    • learn financial boundaries

    Professional Development

    • enhance your skills
    • collaborate on therapeutic interventions
    • treatment planning

    Professional Networking

    • inter-referrals
    • collaborate in the community
    • exchange resources

    Therapist Support

    • case conceptualizations
    • ethics consultations
    • process challenges such as compassion fatigue, countertransference & work/life balance

    Meet Your Coach

    Hi, I’m Nicole!  Thank you for being here. 

    WEC² was inspired by my own journey as a Woman Therapist Entrepreneur. It’s a unique role to balance being a therapist, woman entrepreneur, and a mom.

    I passionately believe that women should lift each other up and help each other grow.  I know that I have been successful because of my underlying passion and motivation rather than focusing on competing with others. 

    I scaled my private-pay only practice to a 6 Figure Group Practice in under just 2 years! And I’m still growing and scaling!

    I invite you to join me and other Women Therapist Entrepreneurs as we support each other on this journey of growth! 

    Let’s Grow Together!