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  • 5 Ways to Manage Anxious Thinking

    Are you overthinking about overthinking again?! Overthinking causes stress, interpersonal conflicts, miscommunication, worry, and unhappiness.

    If you struggle with anxious thoughts, feelings of worry or fear, or find yourself stuck in recurring obsessive thinking, then keep reading to learn some helpful, real-life, cognitive behavioral techniques I use with clients in session!

    When feeling anxious, worried, fearful, or stuck in obsessive thinking, try one of these techniques:

    1. Identify what’s in your control and focus on that and let go of the rest. The above anxious tendencies tend to stem from focusing on what’s out of your control. When you can identify what’s in your control and put your energy into that it will decrease your anxiety.
    2. Ask yourself what evidence do you have that those fears, worries, or anxious thoughts are true? Pretend you’re in a court room and your anxious thought is on trial. What evidence (FACTS) do you actually have? Usually you find there aren’t facts and it’s an irrational emotional response. This helps you challenge the thought, stop it, and move on.
    3. Create an action plan for the worst case scenario in your head. In one column, list the worry, fear, or anxious thought. In the second column, list what you will do if that worry, fear, or anxious thought comes true. Feeling prepared helps decrease anxiety and shifts your focus to what’s in your control.
    4. Practice mindfulness techniques! Anxiety typically stems from worry or fear about a future event. Therefore, learning how to train your brain to stay focused in the present eases anxiety. Meditation, mental grounding, and the use of your 5 senses can help keep you present.
    5. Schedule an appointment with WEC! We utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy as part of our approach to manage anxiety. Check out our website to learn more!