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    How to Engage in Self-Care w/out Adding More Time to Your Day

    I get it—we have busy lives! It can be difficult to find extra time to incorporate self-care into your day. That’s why I have listed out some tips of how to add healthy self-care outlets into your already existing daily routine!  Keep reading to learn how.

    Self-care is super important for your mental wellness, and overall physical & spiritual health, too. While we all have our favorite binge-worthy TV shows, that is not exactly self-care! We only have so much emotional energy in the day. Where are we spending it? Tangled up with our favorite characters & all their drama? Most entertainment sources thrive on our emotional connection; that’s how they get you to keep watching! Instead of draining your emotional energy, self-care is a way to decompress and stay mentally healthy.

    Here are some quick, easy ways to incorporate some healthy outlets into your daily routine:

    ·        In the mornings, instead of hitting snooze, try some basic yoga stretching and deep breathing while still lying in bed!

    ·        Post positive affirmations on your bathroom mirror & read them silently to yourself while brushing your teeth.

    ·        Incorporate some spiritual wellness by taking advantage of your commute(s) (e.g. listening to your church’s podcast, praying, reflecting on your actions for the day).

    ·        Engage in mindful eating during your meals by paying attention to the tastes, textures, colors and smells of your food and/or drink.

    ·        Eat lunch outside if you can. Let your body get some natural sunlight, an important source of Vitamin D which helps combat depression.

    ·        Do something creative, learn something new! Rather than watch your favorite binge-worthy TV show, change up the content to expand your mind. Our brain loves learning new information; being creative & innovative is healing! Swap out 30 minutes of TV for an informational podcast, cool space documentary, read a fun, light-spirited fantasy novel like Harry Potter, or do something artistic like coloring or creative writing.

    ·        Change your showers to right before bed and use them as a shower meditation—where you visualize washing your day off in preparation for restful sleep.

    I encourage you to challenge yourself to choose one of the self-care suggestions listed above for 30 days and see if you notice any improvement in your emotional health!