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    Recovery Life Coaching

    You don’t have to go through this alone! Overcoming your life’s challenges doesn’t end with the completion of therapy or treatment. It requires continued lifestyle changes to help you maintain your progress & to find and keep joy in your life.

    What is a Recovery Life Coach?

    A Recovery Life Coach is your individual support to help keep you on track with reaching and maintaining your individual goals as it relates to your recovery journey. Oftentimes, Recovery Life Coaching is associated with addiction, but we offer life coaching for all recovery journeys!

    Recovery means healing– whether that’s recovery from substance use, trauma, anxious thinking or depressive thoughts, codependent relationships, dysfunctional family dynamics, and more. Recovery is about maintaining the positive changes you’ve made in your life.

    A Recovery Life Coach is just that! An objective person in your life that can offer you support as you navigate your recovered life. You can request weekly, biweekly, or monthly support from your Coach; it’s tailored individually to you! 

    We also offer weekly packages to include additional support throughout the week via phone, text, and email. This includes in-person options to help give you that extra support you’re looking for, such as attending a support meeting with you, discussing ideas over coffee at Starbucks, or helping you organize your life at home, to name a few!

    To Those in Recovery from Addiction:

    What’s the difference between a sponsor and Recovery Life Coach?

    Our Recovery Life Coach is a Certified Recovery Support Specialist through the state of Florida. A Recovery Life Coach not only has the experience of overcoming addiction and maintaining sobriety, but has the learned knowledge about the disease of addiction and is skilled in evidence-based interventions. This is their profession, their career, and their passion.

    A sponsor is a voluntary support through a 12 step program that helps you work the 12 steps. A sponsor often takes on that role in addition to their family lives and career, and often sponsors more than 1 person.

    At Women Empowerment Counseling, we believe combining the traditional support and knowledge of a sponsor with a certified, skilled treatment professional trained in evidence-based interventions provides you quality care and a better opportunity to maintain your recovery. Your sessions are tailored to your individual needs and goals providing you with undivided attention, dedication, and compassionate care.

    Our Approach to Addiction

    We believe there is not a “one size fits all” approach to addiction, as you often find with treatment centers and traditional substance use counseling. Women Empowerment Counseling utilizes a holistic approach and combines multiple treatment modalities, which are individualized to you and your needs.

    We focus on overall brain health and lifestyle changes to help you maintain your sobriety and achieve peace, happiness, and overall wellness. We combine the 12 steps of brain health with behavior modification techniques and a variety of evidence-based therapy modalities including, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

    We do support traditional 12 step programs as supplemental support, if it works for you. The benefits of traditional 12 step programs is they do provide a sense of community and support, and can help break denial, challenge your ego, and offer hope.

    Recovery from addiction is more than attending meetings or being sober. Recovery is a lifestyle! That’s where a Recovery Life Coach (RLC) comes in! An RLC provides you that individual support and guidance to not only maintain sobriety, but to reach a place of wellness, peace, and happiness.

    **Please note this service is provided by a Certified Life Coach for those currently in recovery. This is NOT substance use treatment.**

    Get To Know Your Life Coach

    Check out our 4 part video series in which our CEO + Founder, Nicole, interviews our Recovery Life Coach, Julia, about her recovery journey:

    If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us or schedule an initial assessment online today!

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