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    Nicole Delli Paoli, MA, LMHC, MCAP, QS

    Hi, I’m Nicole! Welcome to Women Empowerment Counseling!  Thank you for being here. 

    I am the Founder & CEO of Women Empowerment Counseling.  After a decade working in the community mental health and substance use world, I saw that people weren’t getting well with a traditional medical approach to mental health. My personal and professional experiences inspired me to create my own practice so I can ensure that each counselor I hire aligns with our Mission & Vision, and offers quality functional mental health & wellness services.

    Our foundational approach is holistic– an understanding that all parts of who you are are interconnected.  At WEC, we help you cope with life’s current stressors while also exploring, identifying, and resolving root causes to prevent these issues from returning in your life in another form.  

    We are passionate about understanding the true meaning of trauma, and helping people heal. Our goal is to empower you to overcome barriers in your life that prevent you from experiencing wellness and joy. 

    I believe that we are survivors of our past rather than victims.  We can learn from it, heal through it, and come out the other end healthier and happier.  There is light and we will help you find it!

    Professional Highlights

    Personal Highlights

    • Female Entrepreneur
    • Boy Mom
    • Animal Lover
    • New Jersey Native
    • Grief & Trauma Survivor
    • Continual Learner

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