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    Kaitlyn Kenny, BA

    Kailtyn is our Master’s Student Intern. She is accepting new clients for in-person & Telehealth sessions at a reduced-rate as part of our Student Intern Program. The waitlist for January is open now! Spaces are limited!

    Allow us to introduce you to Kaitlyn! She is a practicum student in her second year of graduate school in mental health counseling. 

    Kaitlyn plans to utilize a person-centered approach rooted in a holistic perspective. She is passionate about supporting individuals with anxiety, depression, and trauma. 

    With a humanistic lens, Kaitlyn emphasizes empathy, unconditional positive regard, and genuine understanding, creating a safe and supportive environment for those she is honored to work with. She also utilizes a holistic approach to therapy by integrating mindfulness, meditation, and other mind techniques into the counseling process. 

    Kaitlyn is particularly excited about helping you explore your feelings and experiences to promote healing and personal growth. She believes in supporting the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – promoting overall well-being and resilience.

    Kaitlyn has first-hand experience with therapy and understands the resilience people have to undergo growth and cope with trauma. She is committed to helping people of all walks of life on their journey to healing and recovery.

    Professional Highlights

    • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
    • Masters of Arts in Creative Writing: Fiction
    • *Masters of Arts in Counselor Education: Clinical Mental Health Counseling (expectedgraduation 2026)

    Personal Highlights

    • Bookworm
    • Cat mom
    • Avid puzzler
    • Hockey Fan

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