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    Lauren Sentovich, MSW, LCSW

    Lauren is accepting new clients for Accelerated Resolution Therapy in-person at our Brandon office location!

    Allow us to introduce you to our counselor, Lauren!

    Lauren is passionate about holistic therapy. She believes that every client is unique and needs a tailored approach to therapy. In sessions, Lauren makes sure to utilize both cognitive approaches and somatic/body-based techniques. She is knowledgeable on how trauma is stored in the body and is honored to help clients find more healing through Accelerated Resolution Therapy

    Lauren enjoys educating and discussing with clients the mind-body connection. She knows first-hand how much the mind impacts the body and how the body impacts the mind. When working with Lauren she aims to help you find more freedom and peace in your mind, as well as more safety and confidence in your body.  

    Lauren believes that every client is resilient and uses a strengths-based approach to empower clients to reach their goals.

    Professional Highlights

    • Bachelors, Masters, and License in Clinical Social Work
    • Accelerated Resolution Therapy Clinician
    • Certification in Somatic Attachment Therapy
    • Counseled adults and children from over 15 different countries while living in the United States and Thailand.
    • Special focus on trauma, substance abuse, OCD, anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties.

    Personal Highlights

    • House Plant and Nature Lover
    • World Traveler
    • Boy Mom
    • Chronic Illness and Mold Survivor
    • Holistic Health and Wellness Enthusiast 

    Getting Well Together!

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